No PV Start. and Switch fight controls(?)

Uncle Boom

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Wait Hold On...

You Wont Let Us Start a Game in Pleasant Valley?

...But Sure you will let us play on One of two other locations...

Wow, I guess I am too old to play games anymore. WTF

I never even Live long enough - DESPITE my belief that Wolves are near balance at the time - to make it Coastal Highway.

Also I swear the fighting controls are reversed. Possibly due to Early Dementia causing me to reverse many key combos in my memory- but if it is something you have worked in - thats broken. I died on a Good Run, Ready to fight fluffy, and now Its left to start over. If keys are reversed for different wolf struggles I cant begin to tell you how wrong it would be.

I was hoping to make a youtube video of the update - I mean, a Month is a bit of time to wait - I was Excited for the new region... I died to Fluffy after Needing to Dam it just to try for a rifle... 2hrs gameplay gone once again.

But Now Bears Too. Great. RNGesus Hardly Blesses me with the Clapper anymore - What - are Bears gonna take 2 bullets now??

I'm really just rubbed by the constriction of sandbox freedom. Why give Any Choice as to spawn location at all- then? There is Clearly a path to the coast via the Ravine, yet we can spawn at the coast if we want. I never have spawned there due to many people being trapped by the superfluous wolves, I figure it best to have whatever flares and tools I can get from ML before i go...

This seems gimmicky. Some hindsight Idea that is poorly mixed in.

I've had a Sh*t week so forgive my tone - I just wanted to spend an hour exploring the new region for my friend who's GPU fried this last week - Now, I fear I am not a "Talented" enough player to even get close to this new region... this may put the last nail in my TLD coffin, I've HAD IT with tedious games for a while.

If I somehow manage to get to the path leading to PV and find I need a Key or something, expect Rage.

Thanks again, Sry for WoT but - There goes my morning.


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Once you "find" the entrance to Pleasant Valley from the Coastal Highway map, you can then start new games there. Note that it doesn't matter which mode you're in when you find it, so if you want to start in CH in Pilgrim mode and just run around until you find the entrance, you'll be able to start new games in PV after that.

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After fighting 6 wolves I can be assured the controls are the same each time... so I have Early Onset Dementia, Just as I thought.

Made it to PV and it looks Great, Thanks Guys. I even made a proper guide on steam for people who want to find the gateway to the new region more easily.


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