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Does anyone else wish the Timberwolf morale meter was gone?

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I posted a thread about this a while back - at least there's no tense music in Survival, but unfortunately the morale meter is there  😟

I just find the morale meter is unfairly helpful (which is fine if folks want it, but maybe not 'on' by default), but aside from that it certainly destroys any immersion or natural feeling in Timberwolf encounters, for me.

I'm exploring Bleak Inlet with my Voyageur, but plan to come back with my tougher characters once I know it better.

Otherwise, I am really impressed with the update - awesome work Hinterland!!

Earlier post is below.


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4 hours ago, abacusjax said:

The meter can now be hidden!

Oh you are a champion, thank you for linking. I never would have found that in a thread called Hey Buddy!

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