The Long Dark Updated - ERRANT PILGRIM [1.64]


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Hello community,

We've just released our latest update ERRANT PILGRIM!

NEW REGION: Bleak Inlet

A wind-swept coastline reveals an abandoned industrial facility -- an aging Cannery that holds some useful secrets. But finding your way to it is a two-stage affair, involving accessing the region from both the Raven Falls ravine, and Forlorn Muskeg. But watch out! Vicious Timberwolf packs have moved into this region, and will defend their territory to the death.


NEW CHALLENGE: As the Dead Sleep

You’re a tortured soul on the edge of death. Find five grave markers in the distant corners of the world, and maybe you can feel some peace before you fade into The Long Dark. Inspired by the community-conceived “Deadman” challenge, this is our harshest Challenge yet. 


NEW GAMEPLAY: Ammunition Workbench

Look for the Ammo Crafting Workbench. With the right supplies, you can assemble your own ammunition for the Rifle or Revolver. But assembling the gear you need, and finding the bench, won’t be easy. 




NEW ITEMS: Gunpowder & Ammunition Components

We’ve added all the raw materials you need to craft ammunition. If you manage to gather them all, and find an Ammunition Bench, you’ll be significantly enhancing your life expectancy on Great Bear.

1) Lead from batteries to make bullets
2) Collect sulfur from plant fertilizer  + Charcoal from burned out fires +  potassium nitrate from Stump Remover = Gunpowder
3) Shell casing
4) Bullet + Gunpowder + Shell Casing + Ammo Bench = Ammunition


NEW GAMEPLAY: Gunsmithing & The Milling Machine

With the help of the active Aurora, the Milling Machine comes to life, giving you the capability to restore ruined firearms, and repair damaged ones, along with future capabilities. Just keep in mind you’ll need the Gunsmithing skill to make any headway with this tool.


NEW FEATS: Blizzard Walker, Expert Trapper, Straight to the Heart

New in-game achievements that lend gameplay benefits to Survival Mode games. 


QUALITY OF LIFE: Campfire, Emergency Shelter Breakdown

By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to break down Campfire rings and Emergency Shelters, for those players who like to pack out what they pack in.


CHANGELIST v1.64 [57505]


  • Added new Region: Bleak Inlet
  • Added new Challenge: As the Dead Sleep
  • Added new Feats: Blizzard Walker, Expert Trapper, and Straight to the Heart
  • Added new gameplay system: Ammunition Workbench
  • Added new gameplay system: Gunsmithing
  • Added new gameplay system: Milling Machine
  • Added new raw material: Lead
  • Added new raw material: Stump Remover
  • Added new raw material: Dusting Sulfur
  • Added new craftable item: Gunpowder
  • Added new craftable item: Bullet(s)
  • Added new craftable item: Ammunition 
  • Added new Custom Mode setting to disable Birch Bark Tea crafting


  • [Enviro] Fixed numerous areas the player could become stuck in.
  • [Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where the player could get outside of the intended play area.
  • [Enviro] Fixed numerous clipping and floating objects.
  • [Enviro] Increased the visible distance of lights during an Aurora Event.
  • [Enviro] Fixed area in the Ravine that players could escape the map
  • [Enviro] Fixed missing roof in Prepper Bunker
  • [VFX] Adjusted interior light shafts that were too bright during mid-day
  • [VFX] Fixed flames clipping through Barrels and Pot Belly Stoves


  • [UI] Fixed an issue that caused the Revolver to display the incorrect weight when viewed in the Backpack.
  • [UI] Fixed an issue that caused some Cooking HUD messages to appear too quickly.
  • [UI] Blueprint Requirements now appear correctly during the first instance of viewing the Crafting Menu.
  • [UI] Radial Menu can no longer appear overtop of other menus, such as the Backpack. 
  • [UI] Fixed the Revolver and the Distress Pistol Condition displaying as the value from the previously viewed item.


  • [WINTERMUTE] Male survivor vocalization no longer plays when Astrid is attacked by Timberwolves.
  • [WINTERMUTE] Timberwolves now react properly to Marine Flares.
  • [WINTERMUTE] The Crummy in Broken Railroad now falls over correctly after the Old Bear pushes on it.
  • [WINTERMUTE] Adjusted the rate that the Old Bear turns while in the cave.


  • [Hopeless Rescue] The Distress Pistol can no longer spawn outside of the Timberwolf Mountain Crash Site.


  • [Survival] Black screen no longer appears after being trampled by a Moose.
  • [Survival] Fixed an issue that prevented the player from interacting with the Buffer Memory in Signal Hill.


  • General performance improvements across the game.
  • [Animation] Improved animation for when a Wolf transitions to the hold ground AI state.
  • [Audio] Aurora effects are no longer disabled when aiming.
  • [Gameplay] Updated item placement range to better match interaction distance.
  • [Gameplay] Updated wildlife pathfinding so they don’t bump into each other as often.
  • [Gameplay] Updated Wildlife pathfinding to better handle passing through gates.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed the missing highlight when moving Sticks in Placement Mode.
  • [Gameplay] Adjusted depth Wildlife carcasses can sink into the snow.
  • [Gameplay] Campfires no longer collide with Wildlife during placement mode
  • [Gameplay] Fixed issue that caused Wolves to not eat some prey.


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Great news!

I play this game since 2015, and I can say this is the best game ever. I have 48 yo, and started playing videogames with about 10 years, on consoles like Intellivision, Atari2600, and this is the game I have spent more hours, and enjoyed most in my life. And it can surprise me, and make me leaving work earlier just to play.


Thanks Raphael, and Hinterland.

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Is crafting guns and ammo possible on interloper?

So it will be possible to get all skills on level 5 on interloper as well (if one manage to find all raw materials that is) ? :)

And I really love campfire cleaning up option.

Great patch, thank you. :)

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Counting the minutes until I leave work!

Wow, many new items!  Does that mean we will need to re-visit places to see if that new loot has appeared?  Or, would you recommend starting a new game so as to maximize items found (assuming those items will appear in non-Bleak Inlet areas)?

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This released earlier than I expected.  Thank you all so much!

I really didn't expect the update to be this expansive.  There is loads of content and gameplay aspects to unpack with this.  I mean wow, this update is huge both in terms of gameplay ramifications as well as expanding the world of Great Bear Island.  (now I kind of regret the two shots I've fired... I guess I missed out on those two casings :D).

I can hardly wait to check this out today :) 

Wonderful! We will be able to dismantle burned out campfires and ruined show shelters...  my heart is so happy!
As I carefully re-read all this... I can already say, I think I love everything about this update.

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8 minutes ago, Southerner in Snow said:

Anyone have an idea as to when it'll be out for xbox? im on east coast time.

It's been released on Xbox and should appear shortly. It may differ slightly depending on what region you're in.

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@Martin Prchal
Considering the Enviro Fixes listed, and the addition of new access routes for the new region.  I would imagine that there might be some lost and found boxes for at least a few regions.  Though, I'm fairly certain that the lost and found mechanism is now a permeant feature in the game (considering future updates will likely displace player laid items wherever changes may occur).


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6 hours ago, Admin said:

By popular demand, we’ve added the ability to break down Campfire rings and Emergency Shelters, for those players who like to pack out what they pack in.

More like. For those who don't want to have to see a bunch of burnt out camp fires every time they step outside.

6 hours ago, Admin said:

Added new Custom Mode setting to disable Birch Bark Tea crafting

Best part.

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