Problems with Flare/Torch on same hotkey


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Till today I didn"t think about that,but as I found torch very usefull against wolves,especially against pack of wolves,this thing with torch and flare one same hotkey almost costed my life now.Ok,let me tell you wholle story:

I decided to try torch in my previous game,when I was in CH area.I went to Fishing camp and made a torch.On my way back towards Jackrabbit`s Island,I found ravaged deer and I harvested it.As soon I collected meat,two wolves nearby started to approach me very fast.As I was abit encumbered,I decided to wait them and try save my life with mashing with torch.I lit it and waited,that first wolf come near me.I stood still,not moving and wolf stopped 5m away from me,growling and looking at me with those yellow eyes,which were saying:" are dead meat now,human!" As he was not moving and has no intend to escape,and second wolf was already very near me,too,I decided to mash with torch.But..ouch..insted to click LMB,I clicked RMB by mistake,and instead mashing with torch,I threw it under wolf`s legs. :) I emediately started to write testament,expecting that wolf will jump over torch and made me dead meat.But,he stood still and only growled,as well second wolf,who came from abit more right side,stopped and started to growl.What now? I crossed myself and went to pick up the torch,lol.None of wolves moved and I started to mash with torch from 2-3m distance.They both ran faaar away like chickens,bud sadly,my torch vanished,as I mashed with it.I don"t know,if you lose torch,once you mash and hit wolf,or my torch simply burned out.

Ok..not long after this I died in game and started new one.I was lack of ammunition and went searching for it to Alan"s Cave.At return to Camp Office,a wolf ambushed me,when I exited from river to lake.I ran right away like arrow,but another wolf joined to chase me.So I intend to use torch again.I wanted to lit it whille running,then to stop and scare them away.Of course,I needed to do that fast,so I used hotkey 1.But, I had both,flare and torch,flare was equipped first.Earlyer I didn"t think about that,as I had only torch.Now,this was realy annoying.With flare I could not help myself against two wolves and they were also too close to me,that flare would have any effect.Ok,I didn"t think that time,that I could simply throw flare on ground and click hotkey 1 again,to equip torch.If I would open my inventory and search there for torch and equip it,that would mean I would stop moving and wolves would get me.

So,I"m sure,this ability to have torch and flare on same hotkey,soon will start causing some annoying problems.We all know,that sometimes we must act fast and using hotkeys is a need.I hope devs will take note about this and consider it.

P.S. : Sorry,coz I wrote wholle novel about this. :D But,that"s how I am. :lol: I cannot say anything on short way. :)

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