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Hi there,

I'm quiet sure this has been around before, but i'll bring it up again.

With the new books, and newspapers before, a nice possibility arose to involve the community on a kind way.

My suggestion is to implement stories written by members into books/papers.

To not overbend it, there might be some guidelines of course (first suggestion):

- about 160-200 words

- authors should've been active, maybe minimum of 80 posts in the forums, or sth like this

- you agree to give up copyright

- find an appropriate name

- dont be angry if your story wasnt taken ;)

Every story has to be checked of course, in sense of setting etc.

This is a two way benifit for devs and supporters/lovers of the game.

For the devs, a new facette to add with less work (I guess), and for the community a small reward for the faith and loyality towards the project.

What do you think?

Aswell, would be nice if a dev would express himself regarding this :)

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wow! I think if every active member of the community would participate in the creation of the history of the snow-covered town (letters, diaries, and so on), the game would be more fun and interactive. team can give assignments, describing the most important moments (eg, a "letter in which have to be mentioned hut in the forest and in which is hidden a gun"). so these notes will make sense in the game, and at the same time, the community will help create history. jobs can not explain why (even for us remains a mystery whole plan), we can only guess. but it can speed up the creation of the game, help the team.

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I think quality management is very important here, as most of the ppl around are very short minded, it's 90% repetitive bullshit atm.

So one has to ensure quality and relevance, not everyone should be able to create content.


The Kickstarter rewards included this kind of thing, getting your content to the game. I think it's mostly place names and stuff like that, but if I remember correctly, there were a couple of slots for getting your text in there.

I see, good idea actually. Heard before these kickstarter things didnt go too well, but maybe the time is still to come.

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My feelings are totally confused now.

First of all I am glad the community is in need of these "story" elements. (awesome community)

Second, Iam so pretty sad that you choose a way like what you suggest, to have forum members whom stories will be taken over other members stories, even if it seems to be a good solution at this point of the development it would take constant work from the Hinterland team to follow up and to update these stories. (Please continue reading this will be nice)

Third, Iam glad again, because you have me, a simple creative genius who thanks to these awesome ideas can be useful around a project like this by suggesting the following (yes I am narcistic):

- Lets take a look on those fallen corpses around every map.

- Lets give the survivors their diaries what would include the stories you suggest and maps of the area drawn by the survivors themselves.

- Lets take a look on the not really honoring system of top survivors on the LEADERBOARD

- Lets combine them in a form where the developers have a surface for diary contents + logs where they can actually filter the data and they can use it for bugtracking or cheater filtering or whatever they want to use it, and ALSO FOR READING IN GAME STORIES OF THE SURVIVORS (at least the stories of LEADERBOARD survivors)


- you have a usable feature in the form of your own diary, where you can write ingame stories about your journey

+ you have your own map about your hidden stashes and traps etc,

- AND the developers have a dedicated surface where they can check the stories of the survivors to consider allowing them to stay in game (aka quality management by pikkue).

- AND they do not have to keep asking for logs when you detect a bug, you can send a bug report from the game and they can take a look on it.

+ you can find diary on a dead body what will actually point you to the right direction if you are lucky enough you may find a partially of fully drawn map with hidden stash locations! [You do not have to write a story, it is enough if your diary is filled with stuff, that is why I suggested to consider using the leaderboard survivors diaries because they have the most information in it, again story not a requirement]

- Also it may send the logs automatically to the dev team when a player dies.

Thus they can have a nice collection by version numbers about what cause the most players to fail in survival, and they can tune the game according to proper information on a wide testing community.

This means you can actually find the top ranked players diaries in the game (Leaderboard top ranked players have to die to appear on the leaderboard, so it would be nice to make them appear in the game as well somehow, like a fallen body), and it also gives you motivation to be one of the top ranked players.

Yes, it is more work, and it is less work at the same time, but the profit?

I let you decide if it worth your time...

PS. about narcistic, yes I was a forum moderator, yes I was a developer, and yes, I will gladly help anybody who is reasonably a grown up respectable person.

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Hi there,

I see your point of critic there.

Its the question of reward and of "quality management", as you pointed out right.

My post was just a suggestion, so discourse is highly welcome.

So getting in right ahead:

I dislike the idea of rewarding topplayers, out of several reasons:

- Many people dont care about the rankings at all. Fame of being one of the "leaders" should be enough reward. TlD can be played on many ways, and as for the one striving for top rank is a joy, for the next its not.

But maybe this one has given much constructive feedback in the forums and is well worth a reward like this?

- Who says top players even like to write stories?

- What if those top players are barely capable of expressing themselves in language?

As a closing statement, I clearly prefer well written stories over lyrical fastfood.

I hope I understood you right at all :)


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Sure and I am glad you (finally somebody react to one of my ideas) replied so fast, we are here to have a conversation, since (I learned philosophy too... shame on me) good ideas came from when different opinions are clashing like titans (flame is for the kids).

Let me be a bit more accurate, it may sound rude but ignore that for now:

- How far would you go to survive? is the motto of the game

- If you play long enough to be on the Leaderboards you are definitely in to this game

- If you care with this game so much you want to be on the leaderboard, you want to leave something in it from you (not the best choice of words, but I hope you got the point)

- Being on the toplist is not rewarding at all by my point of view, this would be a simple motivation

(maybe you even think about lighting a match in the dark, or save it for later, what makes you think, what is actually as far as I got it the point of this game, to make you think and relax + this is what makes this game GREAT)

- You do not HAVE TO write stories, it is an opportunity

- This idea still leave space for the well written stories by the community whom are not on the leaderboard.

I hope you like it, because it is something what helps the dev. and the player. and the game too. (rare opportunity to match these in one idea)

PS. feel free to point out my language mistakes in a pm (here the offtopic would bother others, and in pm you avoid the uncomfortable feeling to make somebody feel embarrassing) english is not my native

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Nice you appreciate a good fertile dialog, srsly nothing one can learn on the internet. I dont think you're rude at all.

I dont doubt you're in to the game when you're on the boards, but why are you qualified for a reward like this then?

I think people who have given good feedback, or are poetical talented have more the "right". Maybe we should discuss the qualities first, which qualify ppl to leave their remarks.

I suggest here:

- Involvement in the community

- Quality of work/feedback one has given over time (tho this can be seen critical I must confess)

- Being talented in writing

I would leave out the leading persons on the leaderboard here.

As I read, the game can easily be exploited by the players. As well, boards change, so at some point, there might be already too much content to involve and tho the ones coming up the rank claim rightly their right of implementing a story, even tho devs may have real work to do.

The last point is, if the leading persons acquire this right, one has to implement no matter what.

Qualitywise a big problem.

I can tho imagine a synthesis of my points (community related categories f.e.), and yours, as own content is indeed a very nice reward.

But if theres a right to include content to those who you suggested, who haven't stuck out cuz of writing qualities but playing, there should still be a last instance deciding of implementation or not, the devs mostly.

(Likewise with that language issue, easier to express properly in his mother tongue ;) So nvm!

PPS: Ignore my strict tone as well pls, not easy to express yourself nice and accurate x) No offense!)

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Lets make it simple.

Whom playing the game are not all participating in the community itself on the forums.

Whom see an option to write story in the game about their journeys will decide if they wish to do so or not.

Whom are registered on the forum have the opportunity to go in game and write their story next to their very own fire in an enthusiastic environment instead of writing it anywhere else.

Nobody have more or less rights here, the dedicated admin surface is for the administrators to check the content if it can stay in the game or not.

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There is going to be a place for content like this in the future, but it is first rolled out for specific kickstarter backers. Please see the perks from our Kickstarter campaign here: ... er-surviva

From $210 level


BIBLIOPHILE -- YOUR WRITING IN THE GAME! Work with the writing team on The Long Dark to develop story content and text for up to 3 in-world collectible items or environmental storytelling elements like graffiti, journal entries, newspaper articles, scientific papers, etc. Get your writing in the game, and a credit as Special Guest Writer! (Please note we reserve the right to discard ideas that are offensive or not suitable to the game.)

Includes all $80 ALL DIGITAL tier rewards (Early Access to Alpha, Beta, Downloadable Behind the Scenes retrospective, etc.)"

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i have idea... sometimes when you want to pass the storm out, you are forced to sleep for 1 hour. time is precious, so since incorporation of books, ability to read them to pass the time. At least 20 minutes option and ability to add up... 40mins, 60 mins etc.

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Well, not a bad idea, actually.

BUT I'd like to read for my pleasure aswell, would be a pity if time would pass by then and I'd have to interrupt immediately cuz of starvation.

Tho, thanks for showing up the relationship between time and reading, definitely important!

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