Episode Three Post-Launch Issues Under Investigation

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Hello community,


Below is a list of known issues we are investigating after the release of WINTERMUTE: Episode Three. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work on fixes for these bugs.


***NOTE: There may be Story Spoilers in this list for Episode Three, so please proceed with that in mind.***


*Investigating compatibility issues with MacOS Catalina.

*Various issues with terrain that can cause players to become stuck.

*Issue keeping Rifles from snapping correctly into Gun Racks when placed.

*Issue causing Bear Skin Bedrolls to lose large amounts of Condition after use.

*Issue keeping the Cinematic moment in Molly's Farmhouse Basement from playing correctly.

*Rare issue causing Wildlife to become stuck on each other when moving.

*Issue allowing Wolves to attack players through the door of the Mountaineer's Hut in Timberwolf Mountain Region.

*Investigating issue preventing Joplin's Bunker Raid Side Mission from triggering.

*Issue causing Fishing gameplay sound effects to persist after catching the Big Bass in Episode Three.

*Issue causing missing musical cues for Missions, Timberwolves, as well as various environmental music - PS4 only.

*Issue preventing the player from completing the mine sequence in Episode Three - PS4 only.


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Nice, thanks for the info! It's nice to know what issues are currently being investigated.

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Thank you Hinterland!  I always appreciate how much you keep the community in the loop.  Knowing issues you've identified and are working on will very likely put many minds at ease.


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Thank you for keeping us informed! However I hope the "Low FPS on linux when picking up items" issue comes into that list. I had it reported twice.

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