Separate keybindings for "interact" and "use item I'm holding"

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As discussed in this thread:

On PC, you can't bind different hotkeys for "interact" and "shoot".  There is just one entry called "Interact / Shoot"  The game decides which one you mean to do based on what you are or are not aiming at.  This leads to occasionally using the item you are holding (throwing a rock, shooting a pistol, lighting a flare, extinguishing your lantern) when you are really trying to pick something up or open a door.

According to Mr. stay puft on the thread linked above, these functions are separated on the ps4.  This seems like a great feature to bring to the PC as well.

Thank you!  Love the game.


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Yeah, it's very annoying when you an item when trying to pick something up. Why did they combine them for PC in the first place? Usually console version has more simple controls.

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