Definitive List of Episode 3 Collectibles

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Let me preface this entry by saying that it is entirely possible to find all the collectibles during the normal course of episode 3, as long as you keep your eyes open and let no house or hut along the regular way go unsearched and unlooted.

With the disclaimer out of the way, I still feel this list could assist some people, as I have seen requests for help here and in other forums; I know the feeling of not being able to complete a collection and it blows.

Keep in mind that this list will contain spoilers and that this can't be helped, so read at your own discretion.

Forest Talker Collectible part one: hay storage/hut by Three Strikes Farmstead

Forest Talker Collectible part two: upstairs in the Barn

Forest Talker Collectible part three: Joplin's bunker No. 1


Pleasant Valley Collectible part one: Thomson's Crossing shop notice board

Pleasant Valley Collectible part two: town hall office

Pleasant Valley Collectible part three: Radio Tower


Local Legends, Sasquatch: town hall bathroom

Local Legends, Lost Cave: Thomson's Crossing shop counter

Local Legends, Ghost Stag: Draft Dodger's Cabin

Local Legends, the Big One: Joplin's bunker No. 2


Pleasant Valley History part one: church

Pleasant Valley History part two: cabin near Point of Disagreement

Pleasant Valley History part three: Skeeter's Ridge basement


Memo leading to Joplin's Bunker side quest: backpack in Thomson's Crossing shop

Thanks to all the fellow adventurers whose tips helped me find everything and compile this post. Your assistance is much appreciated! ❤️




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