C J Halbard

Kia Ora from Wellington, New Zealand

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It's not quite the ends of the earth, but not far off. Wonderful to see so many varied travellers here. 

My partner and I have been taking Wintermute very slowly and gently, soaking in the solitude (we tend to see our gaming time as going on shared adventures together). The game is really helping her unwind and breathe. It also feels like it has many echoes of New Zealand's psychosphere - reading some of the other posts, it seems like this is a common reaction wherever you are. 

Looking forward to understanding more of this community. Thanks to everyone who's part of making the whole Long Dark experience. 


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Welcome! Jump on in and get to know everyone, as much as you can.

But trying to understand us (at least some of us...) may be a more interesting experience than you expected.  ;) 

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