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Found out something weird. I keep a cup of coffee tea rose hip and mushroom on me to reheat if needed. Well i dropped them to cook some meat from a couple of wolves i killed and i noticed something. they boiled while on the ground next to the stove after i started a fire in the stove. Has anyone else experienced that? I though stuff had to be put on the stove to cook/boil not be placed right next to it.

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Nope, this is a thing :)

Anything that can be reheated just needs to be placed within a certain radius of a heat source - works for teas, coffee, and soups/peaches (once they're opened).

They even set up a different sequence for the canned goods - if you're standing near enough to a fire, drop a soup. It'll automatically open the can for you, then drop it to begin the warming process.

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