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“I got this!” -and other famous last words

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I missed this event last year, and don’t mind saying I’m forever saddened by two eternally grayed out badges.

THIS YEAR THOUGH! Boy was I READY!  I looted my crazy ass off on the first day! I decided to stay in CH, to limit resources and increase challenge a bit, so I had about a dozen candy bars, 30 or so cat tail stalks and I think close to 20 rounds for the rifle. I had collected enough wood to keep a fire goin’ for over 400 game hours, and I had a plan. A good solid plan. 

Day 2- I go out to do some scouting. Wolves, wolves wolves! Everywhere!  I take down 2 almost side by side and the others skedaddle. Light a campfire between them to keep their friends at bay so I can harvest the carcasses, and all goes well. Inside to drop off pelts, and I eat 1 chunk of meat, risking the 1 or 2% chance of parasites; and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that’s not been activated. (Seems a bit “off” to me- I thought this would be harder)  Well, I get to thinking, there’s enough wolves out there for me to head into day 4 with a pair of Wolfskin coats...

Out I go, quickly pick a good spot and wait for them. Heh heh heh! They never saw it coming. Pretty aggressive, they keep coming back til I’ve got 6 dead in a very small area. I heard zero  wolf noises after the last kill, but I waited for some time to be sure I had them all. “Got the whole darn pack!” I think smugly, and begin harvesting pelts and guts. I didn’t bother with a fire this time- none left to worry about.  

I guess the respawn timers are accelerated to go along with increased numbers.

i never got those pelts inside.

i never got myself inside. 

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