Night 2

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aka the "AFK" night!  Hunkered down in garage.  Clothes all mended, tools maintained, lots of water on hand.  I wish I would have stocked more food and firewood but didn't have much time to play on Night 1.

What are you doing on this wolf-ridden night?

Note:  4DON game time does not pass if you're alt-tabbed out of the game - even if you aren't paused.

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Dropped everything at Lake Overlook cave and spent the entire event day 2 outside cautiously collecting wood to stockpile for day 4. Went out with just the flare pistol and left the rifle behind to save weight. I was hoping to go out in search of pies Day 4 but thusfar my clothing is terrible thanks to barely getting two hours in on day 1. Odds are I will freeze to death if I venture to far from a fire... Two more days to go....



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Stumbling around Pleasant Valley chainsmoking road flares and leading a little parade of growling furballs with laser pointer eyes behind me. The weather cleared for a moment atop Signal Hill and I spied a friendly glow in the field below, but the fog had rolled back in by the time I got down there and I couldn't find the pumpkin. Rats.

Something weird about these wolves: do red-eyed 4DON wolves react to decoys? I couldn't drop any using the radial menu. The wolf stalking me didn't pursue a meat scrap I dropped manually. Ultimately it made little difference, I deterred all last night's wolves with fire and flares, but it struck me as odd.

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No weapons, hence hunkered down.

Although have quite a bit of food and crazy amounts of coffee and tea, I wasn’t using much at all. I just sat in the car outside of Quonset garage for 2 real time hours, occasionally drinking. Didn't see a single wolf. But not taking any chances.

I feel the 2 hours real time is way to easy to achieve doing nothing. Is this cheating ?

I think making it 2 hours real-time and minimum of 168 hours (7 days) game time would be much more challenging.



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