My four days of night experience.

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first thing I did was go to the misanthrope island planing on working my was clock wise to the qounset. I started to worry when  i didn´t find any food or light source. Basiclly all I found was medical supplies and mediocre clothing. I then headed to jackrabbit island finding much of the same. now I was worried my flare was nearly out, luckily there was a lantern in the next room. Now to the fishing huts, there was a knife and wet stone at the crafting bench I was glad to have found away to defend my self for the next day but still no food. I rested up a little but couldn´t wait long I was getting hungry. Nearly ran out of lantern fuel on my way to the garage. I tried to turn of the lantern to conserve fuel but it´s pitch black out side, kept walking of into the distance. 


     Made it to the qounset nearly frozen, found a good amount of fuel enough to keep my lantern going for awhile. Alas a candy bar now, that is the good stuff. Got a decent upgrade to my clothing. Now every slot was filed with t-shirts and wool socks, still only one pair of underwear though. Went to the coastal houses next. Got my hands on more herbal tea then I knew what to do with, not to mention a ton of flairs. Stepped out side and started heading towards what I thought was a stop sign but was actually a pumpkin supply cache. A rifle, some ammo, a candy bar and combat pants. Now we were talking. went back to loot the rest of the little town near the qounset. didn´t find much worth mentioning just enough two keep going. I then decided I would go to pleasant valley and make my way to mystery lake. I took the road with house on the hill, found some long johns in the house.


     Nearly got lost three times but eventually found the look out and the pumpkin near by. As I was leaving the world suddenly started getting brighter. Bright enough to light the way where I didn´t need the lantern. Was surprised how little lantern fuel there was in the mine but, was pleasantly surprised to find a ski coat and a thick wool sweeter. When I left the mine it was warm enough to not freeze and bright enough to see. I checked to see if the bunker was where it was in winter mute. Sadly there was nothing there. I made it to Thompson crossing that is when the night ended.


     I probably won be able to play today or tomorrow. Due to the fact I want a better way to fight Russian t-14´s as a gorilla force other then mining the roads. Cause no one ever likes to do that. good mines are a pain during a war and after. My respect to the designer those are some great tanks and I don´t even know much about um.

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As predicted I didn’t get a chance Tuesday and Wednesday to play so I’m still in Thompson’s crossing. After looting all of the buildings (with clothes good enough to not freeze indoors) I hunkered down in the community hall. After gathering enough (most of which is in books and coal from the mine I brought with me) fire wood 24 hours worth by my math.



I sat there for a while and decided I should learn more about flair physics and Thompson’s crossing. 

I learned that this attic is a playable area.

While above the stage isn’t.

Flairs fit down toilets.

Spooky red glow.

It took ten minutes but eventually got the flair to stay.

Flairs fall this toss made me relies that flairs fall really slowly. 

went out side for some longer throughs.

Me and my flair got stuck for a little.

I have now made it to the end.

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