Can't finish the episode - Mine won't show up

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I'm currently at the end of Episode 3 and I'm extremely frustrated - no matter what I do, I can't find the mine. I'm pretty sure it's burried underneath the snow and the game didn't put the snow away, so I can't see it. Is this the case or did I understand this incorrectly? I've even waited for the monstrous blizzard to pass, but I still can't seem to find it.

If this is a bug, does anybody have a save that's directly before you enter the mine? It would mean the world for me, thanks.


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Are you using the map to find the mine? That could be your issue. From town, follow the road north. There's a fence with mining and no trespassing signs to the right. You should have to pass the map marker and double back. If you follow the road and then turn right onto the mining road, you should find it.

Prior to this quest stage it isn't actually blocked by snow, but by a fallen tree and invisible wall. 

Good luck!

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