Equalize/adjust maps (:


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Hello there!

First of all, thanks for that huge update, the new map is awsome and feels very good!

I had my first few runs and really enjoyed the experience.


Now, that there is the new map, It feels to me like the areas, the game should be equalized/adjusted. Had that thought with coastal already, but now it gets more apparent.

So, what do I mean by that:

Every area until now has it's own features. Mystery had bunkers, Coastal implemented cars and more civilization (tho there are cars and civilization in PV as well now, may not be Coastal exclusive actually) and in PV there are bears and herbs to collect in the woods.

To give the game a feeling of a real "world", all these things should be implemented in every map, to the necessary extend.

Bears for example fit perfectly well in Mystery aswell, just like those healing plants.

In that sense, I feel like equalizing is the next step. If not done, one will be able to follow every step of developement by going through the maps, very soon ;)


So thats with these "special", until now map-depended features.

With the new update tho, it feels that general variables have changed for the whole game. Those general things have to be adjusted aswell. Wildlife for example may be reduced in PV, since the player travels a lot over vast land. Whereas in Mystery, no more wolves can be found on the ice plain.

All in all, these things increase immersion by adjusting abnormal phenomenons.

Feel free to discuss (:

edit: Just wanted to emphasize once more:

A certain character for every map and "equality" featurewise dont have to be oppositional, as said, adjusting just need's to be done to a certain extend, density of bears in PV f.e. could be higher then in CH and so on.

But totally leaving them out feels not "right".

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Well balancing is not exactly what I'm thinking of, it's not that atm it feels like you have huge disadvantages on a map. Furthermore a certain imbalance can be used as a device to force the player to travel.

It's more that it feels weird to have exclusive features in every area.

But maybe I jsut got you wrong.

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I definitely agree with this -- I started a new game just for this update before there were many posts about it around the forums, so I was actually treading ML carefully, being wary about any possible bears. But then I learned that the bears seem to only be exclusive to the new map :lol: They would fit in really well in ML -- I think mostly one or two total in the more desolate areas with little to no previous human activity. At least they seem to have put a bunker in PV as well, so those aren't ML exclusive anymore :D

I haven't gotten to CH or PV yet, seeing as I'm gonna hold out in ML for a while until my supplies dwindle a bit, but I'm excited for any new thing I might encounter. Though to be honest, I'm a bit apprehensive to camp in my usual CH base (the gas station haha) because of what everyone's been saying about the wolves. I might just have to do what everyone else suggests and shack up on Jackrabbit Island because of it :D

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