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I started the game today all excited to hit the new map. I had my longest running game going, just shy of seventy days. I loaded up with supplies and headed to the ravine. One misstep later, fell to my death.

So, I started a new game and was cursed by the god of wolves. I don't know if they changed the balance with the middle difficulty, but I couldn't go five steps outside a structure without one or two wolves descending on me. Only managed to live nine days and spent most of that recovering from wolf bites. By the end, I was tearing my clothes apart for bandages. Finally, got hit by two wolves at once and that was it.

Started a new game. Starts me at 4am. Can't see a thing, sprain my ankle, torn apart by wolves 30 minutes in.

Another new games, beset by wolves. With no weapons, go down hard.

Finally, I switch to the lowest difficulty just so I can actually get to the new region.

One thing I really wish is that the spawning was toned down a little. When I kill a dozen wolves in an area, it would be nice for that to actually accomplish something. Maybe a brief respite from the bastards? It kind of takes me out of immersion when I slaughter packs of wolves and more just appear from nowhere.

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The new AI does indeed seem to reduce respawns of both wolves and deer. I've shot deer and wolf packs in two fields now, and over 12 days or so they have yet to reappear in either place. This will be nice in some ways, because you can clear a path, but also makes keeping meat on the table difficult.

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