New game or load old save?

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Well in light of the new episode that is comming in 13 days well hoping its released then and something doesnt cause it to be postponed. How many people are going to do a new file and do all 3 chapters in 1 go? How many are going just to load their playthrough and just do chapter 3?


For me. If the chapter 3 is released on the 22nd (i hope it is) I will most likely on the 21st start a new file and replay 1-2 to ensure i dont miss anything that could helpful in c3. (refreash my memory)

what are you going to do? replay or just soldier on?


Spoiler ahead. Do not read idea number 2 if you have not done the story mode yet or have no idea whats in the story.

Also im making a prediction right now. for those that have done the story. You know who (just incase there are a few here that are waiting to play the story mode ill leave out his name) Is going to be part of chapter 4 and 5. Something tells me we are going to learn more about him in chapter 4 and in 5 everything about him along with the main storyline will all make sense. Since his name is a bible name I have a feeling the long dark could be 1 of 3 possible things.

1) He is the signal for the end times hence great bear island.

2) begining of chapter 1 either we didnt make it and its life flashing before eyes or in a coma and we are being taken care of by astrad.

Or 3. He is testing the people for something that might be in the  up comming chapters.


what do you guys think? I could be far off on my predictions but im sure like all of you. you think there is something more to this guy that is going to make sense later on. as for his name i wont put what his name means or what he does (the bible version of the name) just to keep religion and such out of it. If you havent i say go google his name. It kinda fits in with the long dark if you havent done it yet.

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I am replaying again, the 3rd or 4th time now. On Episode 2 now. And enjoying the freedom of trying new things, since I know the maps well, and know where I need to go, and what I need to do. I can now really let the dialogue and narrative sink in, and take the time to see all of the little details I missed before. Not just the lore notes, but environmental story-telling details as well.


And I won't make any predictions about "you-know'who" or why he is there. I'll let the devs tell the story, and take from it what I can, or wish to.

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