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I spawned in the middle of the night over by the lower hunting bind. After finding nothing except a peace of fir wood and getting chased of by a bear I tried to make it to the poachers camp hoping to find a bed roll and resting there for the night. But a thick fog was setting in, getting cut of by a pack of wolves I ended up gong the long way to the spence homestead. Hypothermia was at roughly 70% with three cases of frost bite half way done when I finally found the matches in the darkness and broke down a stick for tinder. I survived just fine for the day but after breaking down all the crates and harvest the near by cattails and mushrooms I found that only had enough food for in my stomach for about thirty minutes. It was about the middle of the night and since I only had roughly 40% condition left, blizzard had just ended and There was no food any where around except a frozen dear corpse which I didn't have enough fire wood to thaw (I should probably mention I didn't have a heavy hammer so I couldn't forge any tools.). I rested another hour and set of for the poacher camp as I was almost there I saw some wolves in the way so I took a detour to the high bind were I found so cattails to eat and wood to build a fire. I sat there boiling water for the night then in the morning tried to get some more fire wood though I managed to avoid freezing my cattail harvesting to avoid starving made it where I was still at about half heat when suddenly the tempter dropped as the sun was rising. I tried to harvest some bushes because they were the only fuel source around and my health got dropped to 15% I went back to the fire to warm up when the worst thing happened  I became exhausted. I sat at the fire for an hour trying to warm up when I dropped to ten percent! Not having a bed roll and no wood back at the spence homestead I made a desperate attempt to get to the poachers camp. I ended up dyeing just out side having survived 38 hours. Let me know how you did In this topic. If you have no idea what I am talking about go to survival and click the topic of the same title.

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Let's Play!


Here we come, Forlorn Muskeg...


Looks like we started right next to the waterfall a few hours before morning. It's a good spot to get out of the cold!


I duck inside the waterfall cave, and wait a few hours until daylight.


It's light now, but cold as hell and I'm already running low on water. Time to run for it and find some matches! I get chased by a couple of wolves when I try to check the Shortwave Tower, but lose them and make cross country for the Poacher's Camp.


Nice, a flare! Some coal too, and on the other side...


More coal and a thin sweater! Time to warm up and boil some water, since those are my immediate needs.


I light up a fire using my flare, boil water for a few hours and pull a half dozen torches for later, then make tracks for the high blind.


Unfortunately, the wind picks up, blowing out my torch. Ah well, I should find some matches soon...


Well what'd'ya know? Now we're talking! Matches and a hacksaw!


And in pretty decent shape too! Still, I need to find shelter and warm up, so time to make tracks for the forge.


If I don't rest soon, I'm gonna faint. Luckily, I find some more firewood. Fire is life out here.


Just in time too, I'm halfway dead, and need to warm up and drop some weight.


Another box of matches means fire is guaranteed for the foreseeable future.


Not gonna be opening this one up any time soon, though.


Plenty of coal here for warming up my snow-covered carcass.


The walk has frozen my shoes, but the warm ski jacket on the toolbox is a welcome addition to my clothing. Plus, there's a pair of work boots under the bed, as well as...


A feast of food! Dog food, to be precise. Since I have no can opener, I'll save them for when I'm desperate.


I light up a torch, fire up the forge, and prepare to rest and recover.

Then I do something monumentally stupid...


Yep, I rest for 12 hours straight.

Of course, my hydration runs out while I'm resting, so I end up destroying my health.

And this, folks, spells the end of my run of good luck.


I desperately try to survive, consuming the resources I'd so carefully hoarded to assist in recovering my lost health, but to no avail.


Ah well, die and learn.


In total, 44 hours survived before taking the big sleep.

TL;DR: Don't sleep longer than 8 hours!

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I'll be continuing my run here. This is more or less the start of it: (Also I vote to only have this one thread)


Stock: 9 matches left and a flare, 23 cattails, 1 can of beans, 3.5kg rabbit, 2.5 kg venison, 41 sticks, 3 books and 20 torches, a 72% hacksaw, 6 guts, 3 deer skins, 4 rabbit pelts curing in the nearby cave, 8 reishi teas, 2 birch bark teas. Clothing is a 50% Ski Jacket, 77% Jeans, 39% work boots, and 38% driving gloves. I still have 3 scrap metal at Spence's. Well then here we go.

Forlorn Muskeg Single Map Challenge, Take one, Days 7 to 8  - Excursions

5 am and too cold to stick around in the snow shelter - and I am fully rested. Nothing to do but go back to the cave and wait out the cold. Today I will try to get down to lower blind and look if I can't score some firewood and maybe even find the Abandoned Camp. I'm down to 1.3L of water, which means I will need to make fire today anyways. I might as well use that match to get me there and back. At 6 am, still being too cold, I read a page of Field Dressing Your Kill, Volume I (the best of the series!) - just to pass the time. I don't seriously expect to reach harvesting level 3 - and level 2 I will reach before finishing the book. 7am it's time for two more hours of sleep. Then weather throws a wrench into my plans:


It's not a full blizzard yet, but going out there is asking my ears to fall off. So it's one more hour of reading. After that I spring out and finally get my 5th bunny. I drink one of my brich bark teas cold and get two more hours of sleep. Sleeping here really is more about passing time with reduced calorie requirements without losing condition than actual rest. It's after that the weather finally turns full blizzard and forces me back to the cave. I use the time to fully disassemble the rabbit and since the cave is well lit make a few branches and sticks. Then ... more reading.

It's 5pm when the blizzard is over and the Musket presents itself in mildly windy, snowy weather. I guess that's the best I'll get. I am out of water so I must act in any case. I get to my camp, make fire and warm up two cups of tea while making a can of water and cook some meat. Then I get going. It's alreay past 6. Down I go.


Firewood is good and I make some valuable Reishis, but I have no luck with the Abandoned Camp. I fire a wolf away once, twice, and warm up where the camp would have been. Night has fallen and I am down to 40% on the fatigue meter. But I get Cooking II making some more tea. I reach the stranded logging train in total darkness. Some scrap metal, a cedar, but no coal, no other loot. Disappointing. I find some cattails on the way to Low Blind, but reaching it I am greeted with nothing of interest. I can't say my journey so far was of much success, and the cold is eating away at me while being in serious danger of getting lost at night and howling wolfes celecrating my impending demise.

I follow the Muskeg trying to reach Hat Creek again when a wolf is blocking my path. I have to fire him away three times, one of them him already charging me, until I manage to circumvent him and lose him trailing up the creek. I'm freezing, I'm near exhaustion, but I should be in save waters for now. I traverse the cave with the same flame I lit when I set off and find a lump of coal and a few more sticks.

At home I slip into the shelter and make a new fireplace right in front of it - and gain Firestarting II. I munch a cattail, put on a can of water and sleep and hour to avoid more damage. Then it's using my flame - and my time - to the maximum. Cooking the remaining meat, making water all the while with my patentented Timberwolf-Method: Always have a can on when you have a fire. Have a Moose to cook? Do it on one plate and make some water. Warming up? Make some water. Need to fire away a wolf? Great, make some water while doing so! Made a campfire by accident? Make some water by accident! In short: always ... make water.


It's 8 am when a gust of wind reduces my 1H fire to 9m. Time to nurse. 11 am I finally let the fire die and settle for 8 hours of very well deserved sleep. My journey wasn't too successful. I'm down to 7 sticks, but I have 5 liters of water. I will spend the next day recovering some more - I've got the food for it, and I still need at least one more gut before I can even think about my journey to Spence's.

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On 10/10/2019 at 3:30 PM, RegentRelic said:

I am to paranoid to ever sleep more then four. In the long dark and real life.

Well ... that might be the reason you are paranoid. Not even joking.

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