J's Great update! Huge update! 1.93 Feedback Thread


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I worked my shit out with STEAM so my bud could get his copy just in time to play the new drop of TLD.

++Love the new inventory system. I like that data is consistently organized in inventory

++Wolves AI more real! Thank you guys! Exactly what we needed! They are even more insane, more challenging, and reduce effective survival chance.

+New Map haven't gotten there yet but I'll find it eventually...

++Like the new fire mechanics and graphics

+Like the balance changes

0-I like the improved warmth mechanic, however, I still find that there is a lacking level of ambient heat in a structure. Seems without a fire you will be always close to freezing indoors if not in the bed sleeping. I am not sure that mechanic is without need for tweaking.

0- New map only accessable from Coastal highway makes Coastal Highway the junction map right now.

- Fire coals only last for about 10 minutes, should last more like an hour. Maximum wood on a fire is still 12 hours. there should be more than one type of fire that can be constructed in the wild which would burn longer. Still this is pretty close to realistic.


Existing Region Mystery lake is more dangerous as I expect Coastal Highway is also more dangerous now as exposure is more of a health drain and getting inside is not the temperature equalizer it once was.

When are the snow shelters or emergency shelters coming?

More to come...

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