Weird problems with fire duration and cabin fever.

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Having a strange issue lately. When I've started a fire which is due to last, say, 4 hours. I'll then rest or wait for 3 hours on the bedroll. The correct amount of time will have passed, but the fire duration will have only gone down 1 hour (so the fire will show 3 hours left). Not sure how long this has been happening as more than once I've gone to sleep for 12 hours and woken up with the fire still burning, but I paid particular attention to it last night.

Another issue is when I have cabin fever and I'm cooking something, it won't allow me to "wait until done" or whatever it's called. The button is there to click on when I pick up the food, but it doesn't do anything.

Can anyone else replicate either of these to confirm? Or are these known bugs/features?

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That's not bug, that's a feature!

It's the outdoor cold fire bonus. When you have fires burning outdoors, the duration of the fire scales inversely with the temperature... as the temperature drops the fire lasts longer. 

I don't know about the cabin fever, but it sort of follows from how that particular affliction is supposed to work. Does it not allow the passing of time if you're cooking outside?

Personally, I've never had cabin fever; I tend to spend a lot of time outdoors just as soon as I'm able because (among other things) the outdoor cold fire bonus can cut way way back on the amount of wood needed to accomplish cooking and boiling water. It's just a case of finding a good sheltered spot to put the fire you're going to use for cooking etc. Also tend to use that for repairing/crafting when I can get away with it. A great location for that is the Fishing Village in CH; it's got an outdoor crafting table and a well placed fire near it (next to the big boulder and between the two trees) will let you craft away outdoors for a long time without ramping up the cabin fever risk.

Yes, I do tend to gravitate to that place in the second stage early game (i.e. after I've gone to a forge and whipped up a bunch of arrowheads); lots of hunting to get your basic hide clothing up and at 'em in a short period of time (wolves deer bear) so that you can get yourself into the good stuff before the weather shuts down too badly.

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