Another unescapable crevasse at mystery lake


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Hello guys, grats on the update! After a couple of weeks not really playing i wanted to play the new update right away. :D

Sadly after just having started a new game in stalker mode and literally playing for 5 minutes i was chased from a wolf into another unescapable crevasse @ coastalregion, -872.8, 114.5, 945.2.


Also another player has added a another location to my old bug report viewtopic.php?f=56&t=3528&p=19474#p19474 at the very end of the post, in case you have missed it since he didnt start a new post:

This place at -360.1,57.9,1032.2

Edit: I still hope you will end up with a different solution to the places where you can get stuck instead of just trying to manually edit them out all. (Use some tool to find all these spots on the map, add mechanics to allow "climbing" or jumping or whatever, auto-unstuck if the game detects you are stuck...) It will be impossible to find all the spots for possibly getting stuck otherwise.

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I wish there was some kind of tool that could find all the stuck areas, the best we could do in that regard is write a script that has "multiple player alias's" run around all over the map and then go to everyone that got stuck and manually fix the spot, that would take about as long as it does now, maybe slightly faster.

An unstuck would be helpful, I had one for my Student project when the vehicles got stuck or flipped (we had an anti flip script to but sometimes that broke in edge cases of car flipping) The problem with that though is some players may abuse the unstuck function so it would need to be implemented with caution.

As for jumping/climbing, i'm not aware of any plans to add these but things always change and there is still much game to make so who knows it could happen, but no plans atm that i'm aware of. A climb would be interesting though, being able to mount over mounds and fences etc...

So for now we just rely on all of you guys and myself to find these spots in which people get stuck and manually sort them out. It is very difficult to find all these spots in an open world game. I've managed to get stuck in Skyrim and Far Cry 4, but at least they have fast travel.

A good way to get yourself unstuck is to reload the game from your previous save. The game saves after sleep, upon entering buildings, after wolf/bear attacks, and when you require some kind of first aid. so if you're okay with losing a few minutes progress in order to rescue yourself from being stuck, that is a solution for the time being until we can sort out as many of these as possible.


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