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The time capsule on consule.

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I find long gaming sessions especially the long dark much more comfortable on the couch. Now I don't what to start a debate on P.C versus Xbox I use both for different types of games. Back to the main point, Minecraft has similar feature for Java edition called historical, The historical versions are not available for console, but on the Xbox one we have found that by messing around with the update settings you can use the unavailable but still part of the program historical to pretty good extent. I have tried to do so with the long dark but haven't been able to find the right settings. It is not just that the code isn't there you usually can go back to versions realest since you have owned the game. If anyone has found the right combination of settings to use historical on Xbox one let me no, it's not emergency but as I said earlier I like the long dark more on Xbox and would like to try and survive indefinitely which is mathematically possible on some of the early versions with out my hands freezing.

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