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Letharia Vulpina

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or commonly called Wolf Lichen. Lichen grows on conifers in the pacific north west in all elevations. Has many potential applications as future addition in TLD.

Has medicinal uses "as a poultice for swelling, bruises, sores, and boils, and boiled it as a drink to stop bleeding"

Vulpinic Acid, the substance that gives the lichen it's bright coloration, is also toxic to meat eating mamals, so double use as poison to control wolf population

The lichen extract can also be used to dye clothing, useful for character customization if implemented in the future.

it also looks cool and adds a nice dash of color to the TLD palette.

What do you say Hinterland, nudge nudge wink wink



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This seems like a neat idea.  Maybe we can make poisoned arrows why have "simple arrows" instead of just "arrows". They could make it ruin a % of the meat.  Old tribes seem to be able to poison animals for food just fine. 

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