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This is so amazing that a simple request has come true.

I missed out on some of the early days so thanks Hinterland for allowing us to catch up.


Here I come 


Released: 22.09.2014

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The logging camp was in sight but also two wolves.




Wolves chased a deer and I went for a look.


Inside the trailers I found a bug.



Stepped outside at night to see the stars and was attacked immediately at the door.




Managed to figure that clicking is just not the only action available.

Made me bleed my own blood.



Rested and woke dehydrated.  Went outside and made a fire.

The wolf carcass from last night was there too.

Melt some snow and on to boiling.  

Wolf attack and then I slipped into The Long Dark.






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This next try I am brought in near the camp office.

This place is empty.


Climbed up and took an overlook picture of the lake,


Visited the cabins on the other side of the lake and in the morning took another picture after some goating.


Made the hike over to Trapper's homestead.


While resting I contemplate my very existence.



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Fluffy managed to take me down twice. The first time I was at the front door and did not expect Fluffy to approach.  Well I tried to pet her but she bit my face of instead.  The next run I had a decent start.





Also found Fluffy a present.


Went over to CHD and waited for some hugs.


Got the shot off but aim was horrible.  With ears ringing I managed to stab twice but failed.


I will return but for now to try out the next build.  Positive current is expected in this one.


Released: 21.05.2015
Silent Hunter allowed players, for the first time, to travel between the three different regions (Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, Pleasant Valley) in an entire loop. This update also introduced Experience Modes, Bow Crafting & Improved Hunting gameplay, a whole new soundscape, new transition zone, and a variety of other big improvements. Only available on Windows.


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Inventory screen is added and I run down to the Quonset Hut like I kid at Christmas.

Ran to the car and threw open the hood.  I am so excited.



Battery has a different appearance.

Sadly I am unable to free Battery.

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On 9/25/2019 at 3:46 PM, Ice Hole said:

Sadly I am unable to free Battery.


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The Early Access Launch was a blast to play.  It illustrated well the HL team's direction for The Long Dark.  

The Old Forestry Look Out Tower


The Interior


The Prepper Hatch




Hoarding At the Camp Office


The Tiny Chair At Trapper's Homestead


Fluffy The Demon Eyed


Still alive after eight days, the end is inevitable without any means to hunt for food.  The rifle is the only weapon.


Playing Silent Hunter now has its advantages. 

That certain feeling of being a part of the world, is calming.

Something old

Something new


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