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Oil-fired stove

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Currently the game has electric, gas (natural or propane), and wood-fired stoves.

How about a kitchen stove that uses kerosene (or its replacement, lamp oil)? It would provide an alternative to places, like the the prepper caches, draft dodger, and the lake cabin, where there is no visible sign of a utility connection. It would also seem consistent for the houses on Misanthrope and Jackrabbit for similar reasons. Not every house that it might make sense would have one, and it would require the player to have lamp oil to use it. It would only have one setting for its burners unless or until  the much requested recipes and more elaborate cooking was ever implemented.

A variant would be something like a Coleman camp stove which has two burners and is mostly portable. Uses lamp oil, is relatively wind-resistant, and needs regular maintenance. One major reason against it would be that to have a level stove, there would have to be the capacity to place it (temporarily) or modify the landscape temporarily. The game does not currently allow for that, much, but as long as that problem is understood, the stove could be placed on any generally flat horizontal surface.

Of course, we've gotten along with holes in the reality for a long time, so probably something once Story Mode is concluded.

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