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Cans, Oil and... Mirrors?

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These may sound idealistic, but... 

1. Cans: the best alternate use I've found is trail marks, specifically at Coastal highway, for finding your way to the fishing huts from a shelter during a blizzard and vice-versa, but what if you could break em down into scrap, or a new type of metal that can be used to reinforce your clothing? I imagine having to use a toolbox and/or a heavy hammer to create it, increasing your protection rating but adding weight as well. 

2. Oil: A simple one that's probably been asked for before, but making oil work similarly to water, ie. all fuel stacks, can be dropped/stored in specific amounts. Also being able to drain filled lanterns. 

3. Mirrors: the most idealistic, but being able to see yourself in the mirror; a fully rendered version of your character, complete with whatever clothing you may be wearing. While we're at it, might as well throw in 3rd person view in there, too. 

I'll leave it at that for now 

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One game I used a mod that allows you to break down cans into scrap. It wasn't bad, but a bit OP. Scrap metal isn't hard to come by, but sawing large amounts takes a lot of time. I'd like a distinction between aluminum and iron/steel though. Like needing harder iron for arrows, but soft metal from cans being good enough for hooks.

Proper fuel management has been asked for a lot and something that really needs too happen. As it is jerry cans despawn when they're empty, which is silly.

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@Dude Revenant

1.  You probably wouldn't reasonably get anything really useable from aluminum cans.  As @Serenity mentioned, metal is really abundant (especially once you find a hacksaw).  We already know of at least one survivor who had managed to survive 10 in-game years on interloper, so I can say with some confidence that there's no shortage of metal.  :) 


2. Fluid Management System.  Yes, this has definitely been discussed at great length here.  We already know that Raph and the team have it on their radar, so I'll defer to what Raph mentioned in Mailbag Dispatch #34:


Yeah, we do need not just a "fuel management" but a "liquid management" system/interface. We've discussed it a fair bit. Not sure where it sits in our internal roadmap but we'll get to it eventually.

It's a great idea and I can hardly wait to see how they will revamp it, but we know it's on their minds.


3.  The reason we don't have mirrors is because, at the moment... visual player presence is simply forearms, hands, hand equipped items, foot prints, and breath effects.  I imagine that if the team decides to go for full "character presence," then mirrors could be part of the discussion.  Until then, it really wouldn't work out.  I agree this would be neat, but ultimately it's not really a necessity because of the way the game was designed.  In the meantime though, you can see your character and the clothes worn by looking at the clothing menu (or first aid menu) paper doll. 



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Mirrors are hard and computationally expensive. You don't see a lot of working mirrors even in big-budget AAA games for the same reason. Here are a couple of posts going into more detail:



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