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Favorite Knives

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Of all the survival tools and gear out there to be had, a knife has always been one of the top, if not one of the most important, survival tools to carry along.  They come in many shapes and sizes, and a large number of cultures or countries have their own signature style or features that make them famous, like Nepalese Kukris, Scandinavian seax, and so on.  Of course, every person has their preferences and what they think makes an ideal bushcraft (or general use) knife.  

So I'm curious, what knife or knives do you carry or prefer?  Pictures would be welcome (in case someone sees something they like), and custom builds are always welcome.  I love custom knives.

I personally have a few.  My EDC is a coyote brown Magnum folder by Boker with a grey ceracoat drop-point blade.  My go-to bushcraft knife at the moment is a semi-custom Moore Maker (local I think) fixed blade with a bright yellow handle.  One handle side has a logo of the company that gave it to me.  That blade is wicked sharp and mirror polished.  Then, for fun, I have an off-brand M9 bayonet I can hook onto my gun.  It has a hole in the blade to lock into its sheath to function as a wire cutter, and has a whetstone on the reverse of the sheath for a rough sharpen.  Pics below:


Moore Maker.jpg

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