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Unfriendly encounters

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This is part two of "The day the world went dark" I recommend reading the first part before reading this.

This story is not "fully done I would say it is mostly done it has some typos and maybe a few repeated words im sorry if you come across any but tell me and i'll fix them"


Unfriendly encounters

It was now around 10 or 11am and I had been walking for at least an hour. I could now feel the cold seeping into my jacket. I had to keep moving or I would freeze to death. I looked ahead to see that there was a bridge with a sign around 200 meters away, I started jogging to the bridge with every step hurting more than the last when I finally got to the sign it said                                    

“Town of Milton
    Est. 1911“

After reading the sign I started limping across the bridge when I finally got to the other side I looked around and noticed the town looked mostly abandoned... I then started walking down the main road, after a few short minutes walking I noticed a old post office. then’ I cupped my hand around my mouth and yelled out “HELLO, IS ANYBODY THERE?!?” there was no response. I walked up a small hill to get to the door of the post office when I got to the door and knocked. I put my ear to the door, but heard nothing... I put my hand on the door and said “Great Bear Island Police Department I’m coming in.”

I slowly opened the door and stepped in. There was no one there not even the post master. I turned back and closed the door behind me. I then took a small amount of time to look at my surroundings. I walked to the front desk and lo and behold there was a old unopened Summit soda “Oh thank God!” I said in joy while grabbing and opening the soda. As I started drinking the soda, I walked to the front window and looked out on the small town. I noticed another small building close by. The sign read “Milton Credit Union” I might check there next I said in my head while finishing the soda. “Okay well time to finish up here” I said, while walking to the back of the building I started searching around. “This place is a mess” I said to myself after searching through piles of papers in the dark for several minutes. I found a half empty unfrozen bottle of water and two energy bars. I went back to the front door and looked back into the dark and empty post office and said “What happened here?” I turned back, opened the door and stepped out.

The wind was starting to pick up and my ears were getting cold so I flipped up my uniform collar and tried to cover my ears while walking down the hill towards the credit union. When I got closer I noticed that the credit union’s windows were boarded up. Upon reaching the door, I un-clipped my holster and opened the door slowly and stepped inside when I went to close the door behind me I heard what sounded like a empty can falling over. I whipped around to where I heard the sound and un-holstered my revolver “Hello?” I said in a nervous voice while stepping into the main lobby area then I heard is-is that crying? I said “Is anybody the....”                                 I felt the cold metal barrel of a gun at the back of my head I then heard the person behind me say "Lass die Waffe fallen...” “What?!” I said in a confused voice he responded with “ TROPFEN SIE JETZT!” “I DONT UNDERSTAND!”I said in a panicked and terrified voice with him responding again “TROPFEN SIE DIE WAFFE, DIE ICH SIE NICHT HURT” Then next thing I know I hear a loud “thud” I fell to the ground and looked over into the lobby to see the mans family come running out of hiding as the room faded to black...

“AH!” I said while getting up and hitting my head on something and falling back onto my back “What the hell?” I said in a panicked voice I was no longer in the credit union I was in a small dark confined space “HELLO IS ANYBODY THERE!?” I yelling in a scared and terrified voice I was so cold I went to reach into my jacket pocket but there was no pocket to reach for my parka was missing so was my utility belt at this point I was losing it I started to hyperventilate “Okay-Okay Caleb get a hold of yourself...” I said to myself while trying to catch my breath “Okay do not panic...” I started to feel around in the darkness I could feel two objects but that was it. Where was I? I said in my head I then could feel a hatch above me that was locked at least I think it is a hatch? I then propped myself around and put my boots to the hatch “Okay One Two THREE!” I kicked the hatch with all I had in me “Again One Two THREE!” I kicked again and a sharp pain went up my spine “AHHHH!” I screamed while putting my hand on my wound “Okay-okay last time” I said to myself while trying to regain my strength “One Two THREE!” when I kicked the hatch I heard the sound of breaking metal as the hatch broke open I looked out to see that I was locked in a trunk of a car parked on the side of the road. I slowly got to my feet and looked back into the trunk and I could see that there was a can of pork and beans next to a soda with a note “Why?” I said with a shiver, The note said

“ Es tut mir leid, dass ich es für meine Familie tun musste. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass Sie ein Polizist waren. Wir besuchten unser Familienmitglied hier, als der Sturm passierte. Bitte vergib uns, wir mussten das für unser Überleben tun.”


“Is-is that German?” I said while trying to remember what little German I did know, but I knew very little all I could get from the note was words like sorry, family and visit but at the end it said survival I did not know what to think of this note so I folded it up and put it in my pant pocket... I still had my bloody uniform top and pants and I was surprised to see that they did not take my boots I grabbed the can of beans and put them in my front pocket then did the same to the soda I then walked to the car door and opened it, there was a hoodie with a thick blanket next to it on the drivers seat I grabbed the hoodie and it on and wrapped the blanket tight around me. I turn to the road and start walking. I was trying to put together what happened what I came up with was that the man, assuming that he is “Jacob” in the note, that him and his family were stranded in the credit union freezing and they needed my jacket... That was about as much as I could come up with until I noticed that I knew this road I live on this road...I started to jog up the road after five, maybe ten, minutes I could see an old deer crossing sign that always told me that I take the next right to pull into my drive way. “YES!” I said with joy while passing the sign. Continuing down the road, I could see my wood fence and front gate. I ran over, not even taking the time to open the gate, and just jumped over it and ran down my lawn to my front porch. When I got there my hands were so cold. I reached under my welcome mat and grabbed my house keys and unlocked my door “Oh thank God...” I said while opening the door and stepping inside I reached over to the light switch to see if it will work “flick” the lights did not turn on... “Guess all power went out then...” I said in a worried voice I then walked to my living room fire place and grabbed the wood I kept inside for emergencies and placed them into the fire place and grabbed a tinder plug and matches from the cabinet next to the fire place. I got on my knees and after a few tries I got the fire to light. I blew on the flame until it caught fire to the wood after that I got up and walked to the bed room and went to my closet and grabbed the thickest coat I had and walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch in-front of the fire and placed the winter clothes next to me “for once i’m actually hot" I said in a joyful voice while unwrapping the blanket from myself I folded it up and put  it down next to me I got up and started walking to the kitchen while taking off my uniform when I got to the kitchen I threw my bloody uniform on the counter and walked into the bath room and opened the medical cabinet and grabbed some pain killers. I walk to the sink and turned on the faucet but there was no water, whatever that weird storm was it must have fried my water pump too I then looked to the toilet and took the cover off and looked in... “well its better then nothing” I said to myself in a Nervous voice as I turn back and got a cup from the kitchen and walk back to the toilet I filled the cup up and took the pain killers “Well I guess its not that bad...” I said with a sigh while finishing the glass of water I took a deep breath “right lets do this” I said with a scared voice as I       looked back into the medical cabinet and grabbed a pair of tweezers,bandages and rubbing alcohol and set them on the ground I walked over and looked in the cabinet under the sink and grabbed the sewing kit I then sat down with my back against the tub and used the rubbing alcohol to clean the tweezers and sewing needle...  

After few painful hours of pulling out a bullet and giving my self stitches I was done and it was going on 9:30pm “Okay suck it up” I said to myself in a confident voice while getting to my feet when I did get up I walked back to the living room and got dressed in-front of the fire at this point most of the house was warm so I walked back to my room and sat on my bed and took off my boots “it has been at least two days since I got a good nights sleep” I said in my head while laying down                                                                      as I was going to sleep I was stuck thinking what has happened to my family and if they were okay I was worried but at least I was safe




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Absolutely enjoyed it. :)

Love seeing this point of view, from a police officer, and a resident of the island when The Event happened.  Please, keep writing. You have a wonderful sense of imagination and creativity. And I, for one, would love to read more from you. ❤️

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