Floor Clipping and Shimmering Pixels

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I was wandering through Milton on survival last night and ducked into the post office for a look.  When I tried to move behind the counter, I totally clipped through the floor and began falling.  Looking up, I could see the layout of the post office as I fell, and then suddenly I was back standing where I was right before I stepped off the "ledge" without damage.  Did it a few more times for science, and the same result happened each time.  Fall distance wasn't too far, but I'd say I dropped a good quarter mile down before getting reset.

Also, as I was moving through the transition cave between Milton and I noticed a noticeable amount of pixelation around some areas of light beams and the exit of the cave to Mystery Lake.  No gameplay effects other than cosmetic, but it was something I never spotted before anywhere.  Anyone else seen either of these things happen?

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Clipping through the ground is rare, but does happen.  I've never known it to be repeatable on demand though.  If you can use F8 to grab a screenshot, so your coordinates are displayed on the screen (preferably AS you are falling), that can help when filing a bug report.  The game has a built-in failsafe to where if you freefall for like 5-10 seconds or somewhere in there (a thing that can't happen unless you clip through the ground and fall into oblivion) you are automatically teleported to a specific location in that area.

That second one doesn't sound like anything I've seen before. Although in that same cave one time, randomly the cave simply didn't render graphically.  I turned a corner, and this whole section of cave was just a featureless void, and I could see on the other end of the void where the cave continued.  I turned around, turned back, and everything was normal.  Really wish I'd grabbed a screenshot but it all happened so fast.

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I'll try to repeat the issue the next time I'm back in Milton and grab a screenshot.  Wish I would have thought of it before I left the area, but I was really fed up with the local wolf population at the time and wasn't thinking.  

Sounds like you got a brief cross-game visit from Hermaeus Mora, minus the eyes and tentacles 😁

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