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Hello everyone.  

I'm new to the forum, but not new to TLD.  I've played for a couple years now, but never really looked into the community until now.  So far, I like what I see, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Definitely took me a while to wrap my head around the abandoned ice forest survival style, seeing as I'm used to hot deserts (West Texas is right on the edge of the Chihuahua Desert heading into Mexico, and it's consistently hot and dry), but it's fun to get a virtual experience in the totally opposite climate.  Trading heat stroke for hypothermia here...

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16 hours ago, FrozenCorpse said:

Welcome to the forums Bodhran777 :)   This game is funny like that.. I can be sitting here (NYC) sweating and once the AC chills things down and I have the fan blowing on me, I'll get into the game and, the next thing I know, I start feeling like it might be snowing outside... weird...  I guess that's immersion...

Hey, with this heat we've been having all over the country lately, I think we'll all take a bit of TLD immersion for a bit to cool off!

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