Is the Exploration Game achievement busted on ps4?

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Hello again Raph, thanks for taking the time to listen to us bitch and moan, haha. No, seriously thanks for listening to our feedback, and being an all around rockin developer 😁

So I've had the game since it hit console, and haven't been able to get Exploration Game to pop, I've been through ML and CH countless times, and nothing. I even went as far as to make a pilgrim save just for that and used an extremely detailed map(I didn't need), just in case.

I actually tweeted you and Hinterland about it, and Hinterland just said if I thought there was an issue to report it. I submitted a report, but I would like to hear from you. Have many other people reported this, can you at least verify? It's driving me mad.

Thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, Triple_D_50 said:

I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm missing then 😕

Not on PS4, but I have the achievement from long ago on Steam, and sorta long ago on XBone.  (not sure if there have been any new locations added, to be honest... I don't think so though.) It did not count on just "discovering" locations, you have to enter each interior location. I would go inside, let the loading screen complete, stayed for a few IRL minutes, then exited, to make sure the autosave registered and the game "knew" I had found and gone into the place. Spoilers (sorta) ahead...



The one that had me hung up was a small trailer in CH, that is tucked away in a corner of the map, with no real obvious reasons to go there. Other than it being a shelter in the middle of nowhere. Once I made sure I went there, went inside, let the autosave register, and went back out, the achievement popped for me. It sits on the road from Cinder Hills leading down to the Log Sort. 

The other locations that some friends said they kept missing was the little cabin up over the hill, across from the Fishing Village in CH, and the little cabin in the clearing on the edge of the map coming down from the Train Unloading are in CH. Last one was the Coastal House that sits off to the right of the road above the Coastal Townsite, honestly not sure how anyone could miss that one though. 


Look for Whiteberry's maps online, if you aren't sure where those places are.  

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Lol, thanks. I've used her maps, and I know exactly the trailer you are talking about, this is why it's driving me so crazy. On my run to 500(currently at 360) I've been both places more than a few times, especially since the addition of the revolver. 

I've tried multiple saves, just don't know...

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There are a few guides on Steam, that you can find on the Internet, one has a complete list of the Interior and Exterior locations (though Exterior will be out of date with the new Forestry Lookout. Maybe make a list of all the Interior locations (with loading screens), and check them off as you go? Though, the achievement was bugged early on, on the Steam game, might be a bug on PS4. Might be a good idea to submit a bug report on the support portal if you are sure you have entered all locations. 

Just curious. Are you playing old saves, started before the recent update and hotfixes? Or all new saves? (Not sure how that works on PS4...)

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