Is there any wild animal in any building in Pleasant Meadow?


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Hi. Are there any wild animals in any buildings in the new Pleasant Meadow update? Similar to Fluffy being in the dam.

If there are, would anyone be kind enough to just mention what bldg it is in? I need to protect my nephew from the kind of sudden fright that a Fluffy type event would create. Outside stuff is basically ok. Just need a heads-up if any are the surprise variety inside a building.

(In case anyone is tempted to say "just learn yourself" type of answer - I have played 150 hours, often play with restrictions of eating only fish, Stalker, etc to make it difficult. I just need this one bit of heads up info).

Thanks! :)

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There are no animals in the buildings at ML except the dam; you could start there, but your save is prolly at PV already. I haven't been in all the buildings there yet, but haven't seen any critters inside the ones I've explored so far - farmhouse, outbuildings, signal tower, the twin cabins by the bridge....

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