Feeding wolf disappeared on approach in v.192


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I approached a wolf that that was feeding on a deer that it had just brought down and the wolf disappeared.

I harvested the deer without seeing the wolf. This was in v.192.

P.S. When I say the wolf disappeared, I mean it literally disappeared from in front of my eyes. It did not run off, it just ceased to exist.

Screenshot with approximate co-ords as deer carcass has since disappeared is http://imgur.com/bDjifVx

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Update (v.192 - Bear Update) I have noticed similar issues, with regards to finding deer with 8+ pounds of meat on them. Now I have just been assuming that for whatever reason wolves were leaving these alone. Maybe a bunny happend by or another deer ect. However I also started to notice some of these kills... also disapeared soon afterwards and I could not recover everything or even not recover all the meat. (I have not killed anything besides a few wolves in self-defense with a knife this playthrough) and so I became very accustomed to finding meat on the corpses and surviving in this manner. However I started to notice some corpse would "disappear" with extream regularity. It become the normal for me to start thinking... "loot it while its there - because its going to disappear" and sure enough id loot whatever I could maybe like 2-4 pounds to avoid too much condition loss from freezing. I'd go home, try and recover warmth and tend to my permafire - within an hour id head out to collect more, and the freshly killed body with pounds of meat still on it would be gone. I thought oh maybe the wolves have returned to eat the rest...?? but usually they leave guts behind. UNTILL after one time i saw ANTLERS poking through the snow.


It seems to happen when you leave / go inside and then come outside its like the corpse shifts down further and further. I cannot recover anything form this corpse, and it makes sense that probably all the other missing corpses are just under the ground where I cannot see them. As for the wolves... absolutely no clue.

Originally this deer was laying on top of the snow. I watched the kill go down, and returned inside. Boiled water, added wood to my fire. I went outdoors to see wolfy was gone, and i looted 1 pound of meat. His position at that time had his head poking through the snow, but the rest of his body was in the hillside. I quickly returned towards my home, gathered 1 wood. Freezing I went indoors and recovered warmth with an hour nap. By the time I went outside again the animal was so far down I could not select it. (as shown)

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