Game constantly freezes after latest patch


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I have this problem. Game just freezes after new patch. It is unplayable. It freezes in menu, in the game, in the inventory. All this freezes happen randomly. Also when it freezes sound plays and it seems game continues to work. It is just display freezes. I don't know why. All that helps is ALT-F4, otherwise I can't exit the game.

Here are my specs:

Windows 8.1 64-bit


Asus Xonar DG soundcard

Intel 4690K CPU


700W PSU

Game is on HDD

OS is on SSD

I am using Razer Synapse for my mouse (the software is turned off, but driver is always working)

And Logitech Gaming Center for my keyboard (driver and software are always on)

Also there is a problem with Steam Overlay, so I keep it off.

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No, I am not crashing. The screen just freezes, but game continues to work (sound plays, when I navigate I hear footsteps and wolf attacking me and so on).

All drivers are up to date. My MB bios and GPU bios are up to date too. Game settings are all maxed out. Even lowering them does not help.

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