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I recently finished episode 1 of the story mode with 100% with all the caches and side missions. It tool me about 5 hours to complete it with help from the internet for cache/key locations. Overall i had fun with it and got a few achievements too. 

Now i will give a score  of 1 to 10 in a few different caterogies.

-Voice acting 10

- Writing 8

-Gameplay 9

Also episode 1 feels like it was designed to be possible to do many things in a single trip. As an example when i went to the church to give the pearls to Lily i also completed the highway robbery mission and the cache mission where the cache is at the lake next to a fallen tree.

I will also give my thought of episode 2 when i finish it assuming i dont get a stroke from the bear 😄.

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It starts as a tutorial and, as it implies a single map, you're pretty right. In my opinion is quite relaxing in general lines (if we discard the wolves, of course, lol). I had much more tension playing Episode 2. I assume you played it after the Redux Update, I did before during the last summer and I can say it has improved a lot (both episodes, to be honest): shortening the road to Grey Mother's house or the hangar, for example, or enhancing the history of prisoners. Shorter than Episode 2 but with a touching story, was the first contact with this game so Milton will be always a special place. And good luck with the bear!

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