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Bunny and Deer Distribution

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Even with the spawn chance set to low for bunnies and deer, all the animals always appear (when they do) in the same locations. For example, the trailer in milton on loper. One deer appears right in front of the trailer door. Its either there or its not, its never there when you walk out, but if you do a little loop around the woodpile, and you are lucky, poof it magically appears. There are two bunnies on the pond where the moose sometimes spawns, and two on the path up to HRV (or sometimes just one). There is another deer that sometimes spawns if you continue on past the cave to HRV (which you can always push into the wolf that guards the road up past the moose pond.

Is it apparent how my game has become a bit over predictable! ( I can give these sorts of details for most of most of the maps) (#get a life)

It would be nice if not only the spawn chance but also the spawn location of deer and rabbits moved around. This seems to be the case for some of the wolf spawns which do seem to change about in a more unpredictable way.

I am not asking for totally random, so you end up with bunnies in grey mother's porch, but that there be, for example, twice as many possible spawn locations for deer and rabbits, and that a subset of half of these are picked as "active" at the start of any run. If the animals get munched, then pick a new location from the subset of the 10 that are inactive to spawn the new animals, if and when the respawn event happens. (dependent on spawn chance settings and population decline.

I think something like this already happens for the wolves, I would love to see this for the deer and rabbits too. 

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