Possible Cover art for TLD 2?

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Came across this image the other day.  Liked it so much decided to use it as my avatar photo!

Check this dude out... has all the elements in it that the game currently has!  Bad-ass-dude.thumb.jpg.c7292dc7784ab945a56053c79d4e2df1.jpg

that's one hella hatchet?  Huh?  I guess he just sends his wolf pack out to bring down the deer and probably anything else that gets in his way!

all the credit to JP for this awesome picture!

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8 hours ago, shade_grey said:

Interesting pic... Do you have a link to this guy's IG or something?

No, actually found it while helping my nephew research Mountain Men for his scouting project.  It was in Google Images.  Pretty cool, huh?

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