Dead way to early, through my own negligence


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This is my first posting since coming to this sight over two months ago....which shows I am a little slow on the uptake. I have to admit the game is very addictive so far and I am loving it. As of yesterday I managed to make it to 58 days plus. mind you that was not in the Stalker scenario. I was hoping to stay alive to the newest update, but alas, I was attacked twice at the bottom of Rabbit Island....I bandaged myself up..swallowed some antibiotics...tripped into the house at the top of the hill and took some much needed rest. Being short on meat I decided to head back down to the wolf kill I made and harvest Fluffy's carcass for some much needed nourishment, pop over to a fishing hut cook it up...catch some fish, then head out again. Instead I got attacked on the way down to the icy lake surface...fought the bastard off...bandaged myself up...doused my wound with anti infectent...walked over to dead fluffy and started to harvest....I died right there....Frozen in the snow....I forgot that my clothes were tattered from all the attacks and I paid the price. Now for all you players our there you will find my frozen body laying on the north side of Rabbit Island...Please come and pick me of all my goodies and wish me luck in Valhalla.

I have managed to bring two people on board and they are loving the game as much as I do.

By the way....for all of you who may care I live on a small island just a very short ferry ride from Cumberland which is the playing ground Hinterland.

Can't wait for the update today so I can get on with it and perhaps I will try to stay alive this time.

Good luck all

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Nice game by theway. so because of that wolf's meat youfroze to death :(

heres the plan, next time with your rifle if you see that wolf wait for him to come to you, aim, then shoot at the motherfreakin wolf's face, gut him like theres no tomorrow, smudge the wolf's blood all over your face while shouting WHO'S THE BITCH NOW :lol: :lol:

Welcome to the forums Centurion1!

Thanks for the welcome and I will do just as you say....right after I kill Fluffy I will cut out his heart and looking into his long dead eyes I will smile while I am eating his warm still almost beating heart.

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