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So here's an idea--completely random Custom games.  We all know what to expect when choosing Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker, or Interloper.  And every Custom game, we also know what to expect because we see what the variables are as we select them.

But what if we didn't know what to expect?  In the interest of a complete unknown, here's some completely random custom game settings. If anyone wants to contribute, obviously this is the honor system here, but the idea is to not intentionally craft any specific Custom experience.  Here's three to start, and I randomized all the variables in Excel to avoid any personal bias.

I honestly don't remember what the settings are.  Can you get food poisoning?  Are the wolves brutal?  How quickly do you starve?  Can you get hypothermia?  Your guess is as good as mine.

se6R - OfS2 - I5DY - UpLB - KQEA
iB6W - ckl8 - NKXB - DnEZ - ggAA (In that second chunk, I don't know if that's a lower case L or an upper case i so if one doesn't work, try the other.)
K6o8 - etrN - Dz+K - Gfkc - ygAA

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