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Combine lantern fuel.

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Hello fellow survivors. My current wishlist i have only 1 thing on it. A way to combine all the little bottles of fuel into 1 can or into a jerry can. In a lot of my playthroughs i end up with enough bottles filled to half to burn down all of great bear. It would be nice not to have 100s of bottles from fishing or from finding them and/or finding multiple lanterns and breaking them down.

It would be nice to have that to clean up the spam of bottles. Also if possible program a way to add a combine to anything and everything incase of future adds that might give you items that could have been combined.

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Posted (edited)

There have been discussions on the possibility of a new fluid management system which would encompass all of those things.  It's been mentioned by Raph in a couple of the Milton mailbags; it's something that's on their radar.  :) 

The following is a quote from Milton Mailbag, Dispatch #34:


Yeah, we do need not just a "fuel management" but a "liquid management" system/interface. We've discussed it a fair bit. Not sure where it sits in our internal roadmap but we'll get to it eventually.


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