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The Vanishing Deer

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So, I'm back to Milton within an old save, to do some exploration as a Voyageur.
Arriving at Orca at sunset, I find two deers that clearly look like my breakfast. Shoot one, he goes running uphill. Ok, see you later. I take care of the second, one shot it. I can hear the first still stomping around, so I harvest the already dead one. Once finished, I load my back with the meat and all the sticks I can find, drop everything by the parc office, and start looking around. The night has come. I can't see, I'm tired, time to get some sleep.

The next morning, I look everywhere. No carcass. I go up and down, nothing. Only thing I hear are crows, I can't see them but they seems to be down the cliff. At first, I thought it was coming from a corpse down there. Now that I've combed all the area, I must go there to be sure. As I'm about to take the rope :
"Damn. How, why, but, grmmpppffff, gimme back my arrow at least !" Even the crows bugged, I don't know where they are flying but they are nowhere I can see.
Just to be sure, I give it a closer look.
Ok, no, definitively not a ledge.
Anyway : challenge accepted !

I try to find a path around, maybe there's one leading to that spot on the cliff
But there's an invisible wall.
No choice, straight down to the point.
I'm happy to see my arrow, but really not comfortable.
I harvest it, because, hmm, why not ?
And then, my biggest stupidest hope :

No, you can't take a rope midway (poke @devs @modders)

M'kay, so...

Nope.That won't do.
Let's goat down !
Quite surprised, I make it safely to the ground and go back to the top with the rope.

So long deer, thanks for teaching me how to jump off that cliff, could be useful for my next transition to Mystery Lake.

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