Randomized item locations for infinite replayability

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Thanks guys. Some of the latest posts have helped me to see better the challenges involved in randomizing loot locations. I think that adding as many loot tables as possible would indeed go a long way in achieving what I was hoping for, without thowing the game balance off, but as Lyttol says the novelty factor will depend on the number of new permutations.

The tension (not the negative type!) here seems to be between play-styles and preferences. Some are very attached to the knowledge they've collected and the advantage it gives them in game, and don't mind falling into set patterns as much, while I prefer a more varied experience. Those first few hours when we don't know where anything is are just magical.

In my case, I'm hoping that some form of item randomization can help me recapture that feeling of awe and fear, and I have a vague sense that it could help the game gain a broader audience. The idea is hard to put my finger on but I can't help feeling put off imagining how a newbie would feel watching a Youtube videos of TLD pros who can seemingly guess where the hacksaw or hammer are. It would probably put me off as a new starter. They might think "Oh you mean you can actually learn the environment to that extent?"

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