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A Simple Thank You

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I wanted to take time out of my day (and game play time ;)) to thank every one of you at Hinterland for The Long Dark. This game has been a staple for me over the last few years. I needed something to occupy my time and my mind while I was enduring a rather difficult life-transition situation, and a friend of mine pointed me to this game. So I gave it a shot. That was in April of 2018. I've logged 1077 hours so far. Almost 45 days of time playing. I don't tire of it.

What I'm most thankful for is that you've shown that you don't need to have the absolute best graphic resolution and details or have this giant convoluted story of behind the scenes lore in order to make a game worth playing. The Long Dark is beautiful even without top-tier "I can see each individual eyelash swaying in the wind" graphics. It's complex with just a basic, small number of things you can do. The game is incredibly elegant, and simple, and it's rightfully taken its place as one of my top 3 games of all time. Not just video games. ALL games.

So, genuinely, thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for meaningful content patches. Thank you for The Long Dark.

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And thank you for the kind words. Hearing that The Long Dark has been important to people is something that makes the work we put into it even more meaningful. We can believe that we’re making a game that will resonate and be enjoyed by people, but to actually hear that it has been successful in reaching people is important.

We hope that the stuff that we’re working on now will keep you exploring our Quiet Apocalypse for thousands of more hours to come!

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