WAY too many revolver rounds!

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The good news is that this game is all about player choice.  If we feel like we have too many rounds... we can simply chose not to use them.  We can leave cartridges that cross our personal threshold of "too many" in an out of the way spot we are not likely to come back to.  As another option if we feel we "enough" rounds and we keep finding more, we can just not pick them up...  :)

As I've often said, we don't need to change the game if we can simply choose not to play the game that particular way... if there is an item or method in the game we don't like,  we can simply choose not to do or use that particular thing.

I say to each their own, and since it's a single player game... lets let everyone play the way they want to. 

[Addendum: I am only offering my point of view on the ideas that have been put forward, and I offer it for consideration in contrast to those ideas.  I am not interested in getting into an argument about it - I am by no means attacking anyone's point of view; only trying to express my own.]

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 I spent almost all of my first 2,000 hours of Survival in The Long Dark learning and surviving in Voyageur. I have spent my last 552 hours in Stalker.

It's funny that I've seen people stating the Stalker is about mowing down tons of wolves to keep things in check. I myself used to talk refer to the wolves in Stalker as human seeking missiles. But as I've played Stalker I've actually found that I've learned to avoid wolves rather than engage in combat with them. I certainly never spend time or resources culling the wolf population.

Generally my goal is to get Bow(s) and arrows made ASAP...and then lay my rifle aside and use the Bow Revolver combination. The moment I heard we were getting a Revolver I knew that would be my team up of choice.

As for the amount and distribution of revolver ammunition it varies vastly with each Stalker Sandbox I've started since Steadfast Ranger. In my current recording box I didn't find my revolver until after surviving a month in game...and then I found 2 others two days later in DP. I've found that the amount of ammo has never become laughably over the top, and to be entirely honest I'd rather have plenty of ammo because I'm not nearly always accurate with my shots.

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16 hours ago, RossBondReturns said:

I'm not nearly always accurate with my shots.

I feel ya. The fun thing is I'm actually a pretty good shot with one-handed firearms in real life. But I just can't seem to hit anything with the revolver.

16 hours ago, RossBondReturns said:

I certainly never spend time or resources culling the wolf population.

I guess it makes a huge deal where you are coming from. I just know that when I try to "relax" in Stalker because Interloper is a bit nerve wrecking for me right now I always end up running into more wolves than I would care for. Maybe that's because Stalker has Wolves that Interloper doesn't have, and muscle memory makes me turn all the wrong ways. But sure, you can avoid them (except the urban warfare simulation that is downtown Milton, maybe).

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