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Doc Feral

Wolfskin hooded cape

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Since it's quite a recuring quirk of mine I thought it would deserve a topic. We all drooled over Jeremiah's oh so extremely awesome wolf hood. Wolves are more plentiful than we'd like them to be. Wolf pelts can only be used for crafting a jacket. There are only two accessories in the whole game. Putting all these facts together the only logical answer is: WOLFSKIN HOODED CAPE

It would be an accessory, and cost many wolf pelts to craft, as much as six (to keep up with TLD's wasteful crafting), and a long time, 30-35 hours. It may be as heavy as the bear coat, cover the head and give a hefty overall warmth bonus. It would add some chance of scaring off wolves, but it would surely scare off prey animals, maybe even doubling their detection range (like "Holy Donner and Blitzen that's the biggest wolf I've ever seen!".


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