Tree blind moose camp TMW style

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It's early in the morning as I'm making my way to the transition zone between TimberWolf Mt and Pleasant Valley.  when what do I see?   Is that the same moose that stomped me last time I walked by here? 

I pull my revolver, cause this is personal.  I scampered up this partially downed tree, make my way up and out onto a limb, directly in the path his is walking where I hope Mr. Moose Meat will walk right up to his demise.  I crouch without moving for hours...


Well out of range and He has no interest in me and no incentive to come any closer.  But first, I just wanna line up the sights and squeeze off a shot.  

but no, don't be stupid I tell my self.  Gonna have to switch tactics.


Switching to the bow and taking some extremely long shots, I strike the moose repeatedly with each shaft I loosen in his direction.  


damn, finally success.  I'm fairly sure it was the brand new arrows that I had just recently fabricated.  They flew true and I was rewarded with a deep bellow of surprise from Mr. Moose Meat when the final shaft brought him to the ground.


This is one tough stubborn moose.  Took 4 shafts and nearly the entire day to go down.  I was pleased with my grouping, except for the one in the leg.  


Two hours later 8 quarters each weighing in at 9.5 kilo, 4.7 kilo per after harvest.  Roughly 38 kilos of fresh meat on the hoof.  Yum


Hanging all the moose meat from my tree blind.  


High enough to keep out of reach of predators.  


Birds eye view of my perch.  Got my bag nestled in the crook of a branch. nice sitting on a little moose hide rug as I start getting dinner ready...


Inviting view, looks promising


Ohh... wish they had smellavision,   you can just taste the sizzle as you grill fresh steaks on super heated rocks


everything set, got the mushrooms ready  just in case, fresh water for the tea if need be.  the remains in the background kinda look like antlers?  


It's shaping up to be a pleasant night in the blind.  Got a 12 hour fire stocked with coal, feels like 40 c .   life's pretty good right now.



Hope you enjoyed my story.  thanks for reading




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I've used that tree countless times to bring down that moose.  Never quite set up a tree camp like you though!

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2 hours ago, hozz1235 said:

I've used that tree countless times to bring down that moose.  Never quite set up a tree camp like you though!

Yeah, I was getting pretty cold sitting out on that limb.   I was gonna climb down and make a fire below me, but then I got curious if the fire would work in the tree and it much to my surprise it did!  It just took off from there...

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