Bear attacked me four times, and I lived

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So this happened on voyageur, I was at desolation point, heading back to the lighthouse from the boat, and right as I climbed onto the road a big ole' bear charged at me. Being the hoarder that I am, I was incredibly overburdened and moving real slow, so there wasn't much chance to get away. This was a few days ago now, so I don't remember all the clothing items I was wearing, but I lost both my hats, two sets of ear warmers, my coat and my gloves. As I said in the title I ended up getting attacked four times, I managed to shoot him a couple times with the revolver, but that didn't so much to deter him. Somehow I managed to get away, my screen was looking crazy and I was limping, but I mad it to Matt's truck where I was able to safely do some first aid. Luckily my hoarding kinda came in handy, because I had everything I needed, including some birch bark tea. Of course then it got cold and the truck wasn't warm enough, so I made some hand & head wraps and walked for the whale processing center since I was closer. However, it was now a full blown blizzard, and most of my clothes were ruined, or about to be. Though both my hands and face are slightly at risk for frostbite, I am safe within the whale processing plant, and I spotted a dead bear on my way in 😉

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