Multiple issues that may or may not be bugs

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A) When I load my old game, as opposed to starting fresh, I still encounter objects floating above the ground or they're half in the ground in the case of boxes. I only have a couple pictures because they were just encountered too often. (first five images) I will repeat, this is only found in a game I was saved before your floating object bug fix, and is not encountered (yet) in any fresh games.

B) The sprain system may be fixed, but the last game I played all of the sprains were in my hand. The left hand to be specific. Each time I've encountered this I've had the pistol equipped. (no pictures)

C) Also with the sprain system: I keep encountering a bug where I'll clear the danger of a sprain sign, go a couple seconds or more in the clear, encounter a sprain risk again and a moment later I have a sprain regardless of what I do. This is unencumbered and healthy, not tired. Is this how the sprain system is supposed to work? (no pictures)

D) in the Ranger Station next to the Mystery Lake, the upstairs fire stove, the fire casts light through the floor into the first floor. Nice that I don't need to use my lantern, but still, a bug. (image 6)

E) In the upper dam, the catwalk area, if you accidentally go to the spot I've taken a picture, you're stuck there and have to relaod your game because the board can't be climbed over and the other three sides are blocked in. Either something should completely prevent the ability to get into that nook or the board could be destructible or the ability to lift the foot that quarter inch higher to actually step over that obstacle? Would sure be nice to have a jump (or even a hop) ability, ya know? Anyway it's sliced is a stupid bug. (image 7)


F) Near the western entrance of the Marsh (the tunnel leading towards mystery lake) just as you are passing from the valley leading from the tunnel area into the open on the right hand side, there is an invisible log or post or something directly in front of where image 8 is looking. You can go around it, but is an annoyance. 

screen_(3, 2, -23)_56ca493f-aa22-4e42-b039-752f818ac87a.png

screen_(682, 235, 1041)_b4153ecd-edf3-41dd-a60b-d92c3eceb93e.png

screen_(695, 235, 1032)_4e9cb7bd-5169-4919-ab92-85019e4937fe.png

screen_(701, 236, 1015)_1b940cfc-df2c-4ee2-b2da-0f5d26eb78b5.png

screen_(724, 235, 969)_8fbbef1c-f020-491a-8e25-7c4123e6e775.png

screen_(1, 2, -3)_f5e436a0-d70c-4458-b694-b7bc86fe2af4.png

screen_(-1, 2, -44)_db2b291f-a1a0-4f02-8234-50abc1838971.png

screen_(1638, -130, 1103)_8d08ecaf-f5fb-4b2a-bac0-7d52b0a3fb6e.png

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When did they release a patch for the floating bug fix again?

I seem to still be getting the floating items bug too on an old save. Especially when I'm chopping benches with those non-interactable items.

Have you tested in a new game if they're still there?

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