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I want off this bear-ousel ride!

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Day 42:  It’s been 6 weeks since I crashed on this frozen island.  I have found ample supplies to last me for some time; and with no hope of rescue anytime soon even they might not be enough.

Having climbed to the top of the mountain and back I decided it was time for major hunt.  I had never killed a bear before, but the books I have since have given me quite the crash course.

I shot the bear on the far side of the lake, but the hit was not as clean as I thought and he took hours to die.  At first I watched him bleed in the sunshine as he circled  my fishing hut, the thin walls my only defense against him.  Later, I just read while a too-curious Wolf kept trying to investigate.

He finally died at dusk; just as a blizzard set in.  I didn’t need the tussle with the wolf; in hindsight  I should have dealt with him while I waited for my quarry to fall.

Rising at 2 in the morning was not fun but at least I was able to boil water and get something to drink after the storm; my supplies consumed in my long vigil.

The bear meat should last me for another week at least; at least I could bring it back without issue.  Now to finish reading and fixing my deerskins...

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