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hey guys, i'll go straight to the point, one of the most common household items in all of the world are thermal bottles, they can keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids well warm for longer periods of time, I thought was maybe used the same mechanic from the storm lantern, but instead allow you to store tea or coffee (I don't think storing pork and beans or peaches would be a good idea) the thermal bottle would keep the liquids warm for longer and would help out when you have to come home from a Blizard and also help in the late game when the ambient is colder allowing the player to stay outside for longer, also to balance it out they should be made rare, and also since they can't be crafted by common manners (they have to pull a vacuum to make it perfect) you aren't able to fix it, and it loses its effectivity the lower the condition gets. That's it, I hope you guys like it. :D

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Question from @huntergathers:


How do you feel about adding a thermos for hot drinks to the game, or a hot stone for the accessories slot as a kind of temporary warmth boost you could carry after warming it up at a fire? I really like the warmth bonus mechanic, but it is generally something that's hard to hang on to long enough to use more than once in a while, so I'd love to see more ways to take advantage of it and make more out of fires.

I like the idea; we have it on one of our internal lists. I think a Thermos makes a ton of sense given the benefits of warm drinks in the game. -- @Raphael van Lierop (game designer)

edit: copy/pasted from Milton Mailbag #4; item listed in index under Thermos.

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